June 25, 2018
  • Well Rounded


We offer media and communications support to individuals and organisations, depending on their needs.

We like to say that “we get you out of your confusion on how to approach matters of media”  for your project, idea or organisation.

Using our different skills, we analyse a client’s situation and propose a method or approach out.

Depending on the need, we engage at different levels. If the client is at formative stages, we help them to advance beyond idea(s) to concept; if they already have a concept, we help transform that into a proposal or working document; if they have a ready proposal or working document, we help them achieve what is contained in the proposal or working document; on and on until we cover all of the client’s gaps.

Therefore we serve everyone who has a need for media and communications support, however basic or advanced their need.

Where the need is advanced beyond our capacity, we either outsource or refer the client. We do not promise what we cannot manage to offer.

What we do differently

We give each problem a three-sixty-degree view

Some problems need a simple solution, e.g. population of media content, while others need complex approaches, such as integrated media.  We do not prequalify where a problem falls. We take it as it is. To understand it, we drop it amongst ordinary persons (non – professionals); escalate it to a team of mixed career minds; and eventually to the media-educated persons; all the while taking notes.

Collectively, we have a touch of everything media

Every problem that we receive from a client is taken through all media-trained individuals within the team. We collectively identify which part of media is wanting. Sometimes the client thinks the problem is A while in reality it is in F.

We have an inclusive and open philosophy

We never discriminate on the basis of ideology, religion, intellectual philosophy, individual biases or any other differences. We allow everyone to have an equal say.

 We do not lock out new perspectives.

We live for new perspectives. We find it exciting whenever we work with persons from backgrounds different from ours.

We learn a lot by increasing our knowledge base, and a reading and research culture is embedded in our organisation.

We never lecture our clients: we share. It is even more enjoyable when a client dedicates his/her team member(s) to our working team, though we do not make this a requirement.

Finally, we never get tired of criticism.


Our clients have a smooth enjoyable ride while we are working with us, and in the end, they must feel well-understood.