April 23, 2018
  • Well Rounded

About Us

Three Sixty Media is a combination of talent. We have a range of experts, professionals and enthusiasts attached to the company:


PR practitioners

TV producers


TV editors

Print editors


Animators, and

Brains from different fields.

Our uniqueness:

The common denominator between all of us is the spirit of intellectual exploration, which initially drove the founder of Three Sixty Media into the making of the company.

As the founder was gradually joined by other talented persons who had not found a place in the conventional system, they all realised that they had an opportunity to create their own reality; and that the reality in which they were operating then was managed by some conventions developed over time based on the experiences of the developers of the said conventions.

The founders agreed that their own collective experiences were different, equally deserving of attention and exploration; hence the commencement of the exploration journey.


We are held together by our own philosophies:

  1. That communication transcends many traditional outlooks
  2. That each professional has a place in the communication process
  3. That communications is never limited to the professionals
  4. That there can never be a true winner in the game of communications; it is a game of musical chairs in which one strives to stay on for as long as possible.

We say we are “well rounded” because:

  • We think of giving each problem a three-sixty-degree view
  • Collectively, we have a touch of everything media;
  • We have an inclusive and open philosophy;
  • We do not lock out new perspectives.

Why this is important:


Each person who works on a project; engages in a commercial venture; runs a public interest cause; or any other activity that needs media, seeks an intermediary, or a helping hand, in the management of media. In the current Kenyan context, such a person usually approaches a communication firm that fits into the category of PR firm. Many of these firms have templates that they use across the board; therefore the information handed in by the client is fitted into these standardized templates and a PR strategy is drawn. Again, you will find most of these PR plans broken down into smaller elements, such as:

  1. Media plan
  2. Product mentions
  3. Product placement
  4. Endorsements etc.

We do not agree with the approach above. We think that it has limitations:

  1. Risk of generalization – individual problems may be assessed against “problems seen before”
  2. Loopholes for laziness on the part of the service provider – it is easy to determine a problem when you have ready formula and do not have to create new formulae.
  3. Risk of confusion – there is a possibility of the right medication being administered to the wrong diagnosis.

 What we do differently