April 23, 2018
  • Well Rounded

Concept development

We work with a client to improve his or her ideas into concrete workable documents. This involves face-to-face interaction, telephone conversation, and email conversation. At this stage we do not expect much from the client, except a wholesome elucidation of his or her idea(s).

This part of the process is usually intimidating to some clients, because they may feel like they are being judged; some clients are doubtful of the greatness of their idea; others fear cultural and language barriers. We tell our clients that this should be the least of their fears. The most stupid-seeming ideas have ended up revolutionizing the world! For this reason, we try as much as possible to make the process as friendly and culturally sensitive as possible.

From the process of concept development, we try to achieve the following:

Initial stage                        

  • To get a full understanding of what the client is conveying
  • To obtain a realistic view of the magnitude of the idea(s)
  • To decide whether the task ahead is in our line of work.

Advanced stage

  • To obtain a dominant idea
  • To obtain possible concepts i.e. the central and the peripheral
  • To decide which concept to be developed further

NOTE: The client is involved in the whole process, and becomes the eventual decision maker on which concept will be developed further.