April 23, 2018
  • Well Rounded

Content development

This process picks up from concept development (refer/link).

A client who has a concept that needs to be developed into a tangible product engages with us on this level.

Perhaps one has a concept for a TV show, an online publication, a print publication, a radio show, a documentary etc.; we help you translate it from an idea on paper to a product that can be sold to the market, complete with pilots or samples, and a valuation.

If the idea is noncommercial, we help you translate it into a complete proposal, with pilots or samples, and a budget.

The process of content development is very engaging and we always urge clients to be as involved as they can so that they can feel the growth of their project as well as have a sense of ownership. As much as we can be very passionate about a project, our passion can never rival that of the originator. We always enjoy keeping the company of the originator. It is also fun for the client to be a part of this process.