April 23, 2018
  • Well Rounded

Media liaison

This is basically referred to as “bridging the gap”: the client is on one end and the media is on the other. The client wants to use media but does not have a firm grasp of the complexities of how media works  (“the language of media”)

It is also possible that the client is very busy and therefore in need of support in handling media issues.

We therefore step in and offer our skill, knowledge, manpower and networks for you to effectively deal with the challenges.

This service is highly recommended for small businesses, public figures, and non-profit organisations.

Where our capacity allows, we do the job for the client; where more capacity than we have is needed, we outsource but take full responsibility for success or failure.

We believe that we have a keener eye compared to someone who has not engaged in such activity before, is not trained, or both; hence our ability to defend the interests of the client. Along the way, we give the client the skill to approach the said complexities.